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Massotherapy - Motor Rehabilitation - Functional Training

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It is the center to turn to when your “Motor System” no longer gives maximum performance. Here I follow you to discover the true cause of your discomfort and I will not abandon you until your “Engine” is fine-tuned.

The Workshop of the body wants to focus on quality and not quantity, which is why we have chosen to use small spaces to accommodate a few people who will be able to get the best from treatments and courses, sure to be followed and cared for in the best possible way.

Cristina Bersanini

The Degree in Exercise Science and the Diploma in Massophysiotherapy were the spark that ignited in me the Fire of my continuous search for knowledge of the human body as a whole, physical and emotional.

By participating in various training, massage and rehabilitation courses, I was able to improve my professional figure by allowing me to work on the body at 360 °.

My professional figure helps you to reach your goal: health or performance.

Through techniques acquired with years of study, I propose various types of workouts suitable for the person, which aim to gain greater awareness of the body and movement, starting from the teaching of the correct motor pattern, breathing and postural exercises, which are the basis to make your workouts more challenging.

Through manipulations I help you to fix the problems that your motor, your body, suffers due to injuries or bad habits, first by relieving pain and then by teaching you to use your body in the most correct way, changing postures and wrong habits.

Through personalized massages, Reflexology techniques Lucia Torri Cianci Method I help you to solve physical, osteo-articular and metabolic problems, and I also help you to improve imperfections of the body and face.

The Officina del Corpo becomes the reference point for both your aesthetic and therapeutic aspects, but all with the aim of your psycho-physical-emotional well-being.

Massotherapy - Motor Rehabilitation - Functional Training

Reflexogy. Untatic manual draining. Connective massage. Decontracting massage. Relaxing / Anti-stress Massage. Sports Massage. Body Treatments. Face Treatments. Motor rehabilitation. Functional rehabilitation. Postural rehabilitation. FMS – Functional Moviment System. GFM – Ground Force Method. Kettle Bell Training. Barbel Training. Body Weight Training. TRX. Pilates. Flexible Steel

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!
“Jim Rohn”