Body Weight Training

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

Body Weight Training – Bodyweight training, you will gain the ability to use your body as a training tool.

Every day we “carry around” the weight in our body. It is therefore not surprising that all muscles are predisposed to move and work with this load. Bodyweight training aims to stimulate the body, acting on the muscles and exploiting their natural function.

Young, old, stout or thin people, passionate or professional athletes: everyone can practice bodyweight training and benefit from it. Thanks to various exercises, variations, repetitions or different rhythms, the challenge adapts to every need and allows you to train strength, endurance, mobility and speed.

Body Weight Training

Our physique is the most multifaceted training tool that exists!
Even with free body you can train effectively, with infinite possibilities, reducing the risk of injury and thus finding the desired shape. Bodyweight training is ideal for keeping fit every day, anywhere and at any time.