Kettlebell Training

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

Kettlebell Training is a traditional gymnastic machine from Eastern countries, where it is called Girya, used for years to increase the strength and athletic performance of the Soviet special forces. Very ancient origins therefore for an equipment that responds in an excellent way to everything that has always been sought in the world of fitness: the perfect mix between training with overloads, cardiovascular activity, development of various motor and coordination skills, as well as the improvement of joint mobility and flexibility. In fact, as Pavel Tsatsouline, who promoted this discipline, argues, the Kettlebell is “a cannonball with a handle, it is a complete gym that is held in one hand”, and no definition is truer than this.

The use of kettlebells is not only a response to military needs, special forces, wrestlers and therefore purely male activities, but it can also be the surprising response to the needs and objectives of women. In fact, training with kettlebells allows you to achieve a high general state of fitness while maintaining optimal weight, while increasing strength and therefore tone without volumizing muscle mass.

The Kettlebell Training is such a simple and elementary tool that it is surprisingly exceptional able to surprise those who do not believe in their strength and to amaze those who underestimate its effectiveness, in front of kettlebell training, will realize that power is nothing without control.

  • Strength increase;
  • Cardiovascular adaptations;
  • Increase in lipolysis thanks to a significant EPOC stimulus;
  • Improvement of joint mobility and flexibility;
  • Improvement of muscle coordination;
  • Performance improvement in many sports;
  • Achieving appreciable results with short training times.