Personal Training

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

Personal Training – THE BODY WORKSHOP is the office where you can achieve your goals, slimming, toning, strengthening muscle mass, well-being and prevention, with the careful guidance of a Personal Trainer.

The PT is the professional figure responsible for individually managing the physical exercise of those who approach physical activity to improve their health or fitness. Another important area of intervention of the PT is related to education or a healthy lifestyle and the role of motivator in the practice of physical activity. The activity of the PT consists in educating its client on a healthy lifestyle and in planning and carrying out workouts aimed at a specific purpose, based on the physiological and psychological needs of a person. The PT helps you to train in total safety, becoming an ideal support and help to carry out the exercises in full compliance with your physiology and your characteristics, preparing a personalized training to maximize results and reach your goals in the most effective way possible. .

Personal Training

  • DIET, WORKOUTS AND RUNNING DO NOT GIVE YOU RESULTS, you lack a personal training to help you find the right path
  • LOSE FAT, SCULPT YOUR MUSCLES IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE, change your lifestyle with the right motivation
  • TAKE YOUR LIFE IN HAND: let’s train together, try a training session with me, I’ll offer you the first lesson
  • YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER: discover a targeted training designed on person
  • GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR PHYSICS personalized workouts and periodic courses
  • A NEW WAY TO TRAIN Professional instructor and innovative tools
  • SPECIAL PROGRAMS FOR EVERY PERSON we study training and attendance together
  • 360 ° FITNESS Functional Kettlebell Pilates TRX Postural
  • ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE daily advice


The personal training sessions will be varied, stimulating, designed for you. We could do body weight and weight exercises, we could go for a run in a park and on some days, when it will be useful, we will do relaxation or stretching exercises. We could also go out with the Sup on the lake, pedal, do Nordic walking, train with Functional Training, use the TRXhanging from a plant …