Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

StrongFirst is a school of strength. We teach men and women how to achieve high levels of strength quickly and safely without interfering with their work and sport.

StrongFirst-force uses numerous and effective tools – kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight – but always adhering to the same universal training principles. As the motto of the Marine Corps martial arts program goes: “One mind, any weapon.”


StrongFirst-force espouses the vision of Professor Yuri Verkhoshansky: “The theory without practice is as limited as practice without theory”. StrongFirst methods are based on scientific and empirical evidence, and have proven their effectiveness with professional athletes, elite military corps and law enforcement officers, as well as with ordinary people who have decided not to be weaker.

Our team of instructors includes national champions, national team coaches, former special military operators, first responders, law enforcement, elite Marzi, strongmen, national team doctors, and other high-end strength professionals.