Face and Body Treatments

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

Facial treatments

Face and Body Treatments – Taking care of the skin means taking care of yourself starting an exciting love story with your whole body. For the attention it deserves, alius has studied a professional line dedicated to it. The being pro line consists of a 3-step treatment that bases its effectiveness on the encounter between the operator and the client’s skin.

The aim is to initiate a subtle dialogue, a very intimate relationship that starts with a gentle cleansing of the skin and deepens with a massage scented with essential oils in specific gels. Then you have to take the time necessary for the skin to rest under a mask that makes it regain balance and natural shine.

Finally comes the lasting pleasure, the application of the serum and cream. The result will highlight the tangible signs of this attention. If you take care of her, the skin can also be very grateful

Body Treatments

Body Treatments – The tissues in our body, in their stillness and movement, give shape to the body, and each different shape makes us understand that personal emotional thinking must be supported by two hands that understand it in full respect of the natural conformation, even the where a cellulite intimidates self-love. The entire map of imperfections is specified, translated and understood, with the aim of reducing them through the cellular movement of the tissues. Specific manual skills for each blemish: cellulite, water retention, atony, capillaries.