Massotherapy and motor rehabilitation

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Massage is a thousand-year-old technique used in every part of the world. Massage therapy, through manual treatments mainly aimed at muscle tissues, gives relaxation to the muscles, better blood and lymphatic circulation, a sense of psychological well-being and analgesic in case of pain.

It consists of a series of movements performed by the therapist’s hands on the patient’s body surface. In other words, it is the manipulation of soft tissues whose main purpose is to relieve discomfort in different parts of the body, caused by various factors such as trauma, poor posture and stress, among .. It is a technique that has ancient origins. , and which at the time was associated with “magical” healing properties.


motor re-education is a therapy modality which, through movement ( kinesitherapy ), aims to restore normal joint and muscle function and posture.

Various exercises are commonly used, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, which can facilitate the return to normal daily activities with a significant improvement in pain .

motor re-education makes use of targeted and individualized exercises on the patient, which aim to train the muscles, tendons and joints to:

  • recover normal mobility and better elasticity ,
  • increase the strength and resistance of the tissues,
  • increase the coordination and proprioception of the individual.

The purpose of motor re-education is also to:

  • give the patient explanations and reassurances about her limitation,
  • provide information on movements to avoid ,
  • propose exercises that relieve pain ,
  • teaching the correct postures .