Massage and Massotherapy

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

Massage and Massotherapy

Massage is a thousand-year-old technique used all over the world. Massage therapy, through manual treatments mainly aimed at muscle tissues, gives relaxation to the muscles, better blood and lymphatic circulation, a sense of psychological well-being and analgesic in case of pain.

It consists of a series of movements performed by the therapist’s hands on the patient’s body surface. In other words, it is the manipulation of soft tissues whose main purpose is to relieve discomfort in different parts of the body, caused by various factors such as trauma, bad posture and stress, among .. It is a technique that has ancient origins. , and that at temp, i was associated with “magical” healing properties.


Effective general mobilization of connective tissue that interacts on the deeper layers of muscle tissues. In fact, it is here that toxins accumulate as a result of the pressure and stress to which our body is constantly subjected. The connective tissue massage technique allows the dissolution of tensions and relaxation of the affected muscle tissues, resulting in the release of toxins and a better circulation of oxygen and blood in the system.


It consists of a deep massage that affects the muscle tissue with a set of techniques useful for relaxing and eliminating contractures, the main causes of the most common stiff neck pain, low back pain, back pain, headache.


It is a deep energy toning muscle massage of the main muscle groups. Through a set of fast and rebalancing techniques it helps to reduce muscle tension and soften the tissues. It reactivates blood circulation and prepares the muscle to make it more toned, loose and relaxed. It is therefore suitable for those who carry out frequent physical activities and as a sports preparation for competitions.


It is an extremely relaxing and soothing massage performed with the use of slow techniques and manual maneuvers that combine all the benefits of different techniques, helping to reduce stress and muscle tension.


Classic therapeutic massage that allows the tissues to restore or decongest the circulation, facilitating the drainage of liquids and avoiding the stagnation of toxins in the tissues. Lymphatic drainage moves the fluids in the body, and unblocks clogged channels. Lymphatic circulation involves axillary, inguinal and neck lymph nodes, and is connected to blood circulation. Deflate the legs and abdomen by improving and reactivating the natural elimination of liquid tissues that stagnate in the fat cells. It has a detoxifying action.