Postural gymnastics

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer: Cristina Bersanini

Postural Gymnastics – Postural gymnastics is a type of gymnastics important not only for all those who have pain and various disorders in the spine, often suffering from various problems also due to an incorrect posture assumed during the course of the day, but also for preventive purposes , in order to prevent the onset of back pain and discomfort, discomfort that can become more frequent with advancing age. Normally the incorrect positions we assume during the day lead to pain

Postural Gymnastics – PANCAFIT

“Our posture is an expression of our history … posture is the expression of a hereditary experience, of a personal experience, of the formation and cultural deformation, of memories of one’s physical and emotional traumas, of the type of life and stress we lead, the type of work and sport to which we have subjected ourselves over time; posture is the way we breathe, the way we stand, pose and relate to ourselves and others “Prof. Daniele Raggi